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<center><font size="3">'''WORK IN PROGRESS!'''</font></center>
Welcome to my userpage, {{USERNAME}}! I am Matty0502 and I'm glad you're here to visit my userpage.
Welcome to my userpage! I'm going to introduce myself in the following paragraph, so you can skip this if you don't like reading about people's life. I'm a 14 year-old teenager who spends most of his day in front of his PC (i'm not such a social kid...). Most of my day is normal and I don't do so much. Here are some of my hobbies and facts:
*I started playing Flipline Studios when I was 5 years old. I remember trying to sneak to the class's computer and playing Papa's Pizzeria without letting the teacher catch me. Once I found out about Papa's Freezeria 1 month later, I started to look deeper into Flipline Studios' games.
*I joined the wiki when I was 8. Although the COPPA rule existed back then no one caught me being underaged until one month before my birthday, when [[User:Davidbw584|someone]] snitched me to an admin here. But still, I got blocked for more than half a year.
*I am Israeli. I moved to the Netherlands 1.5 year ago because of my dad's work. I know Hebrew, English, and a bit of Spanish and French. I am in an American School.
*Besides Flipline Studios, I also play Just Dance, Call of Duty, Fifa, and GTA. I have a Playstation 4, and I hope Flipline ports a few of their spinoff games to game consoles.
===Opinions about Flipline===
*My Favorite Gameria is [[Papa's Scooperia To Go!]]
*My Favorite game is [[Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!|PL:WPA]]. In 2nd and 3rd are [[Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!|PL2]] and [[Steak and Jake]].
*My Favorite app game is [[Papa Louie Pals]], and the favorite App Gamerias are [[Papa's Hot Doggeria HD]] and [[Papa's Freezeria To Go!]].
*My Favorite "New Features" are Customer Clean-Up, stickers and mini games.
*My Favorite Mini-Game is [[Fashion Flambé (Minigame)|Fashion Flambé]].
**My Least Favorite Mini-Game is [[Jojo's Burger Match|Jojo's Burger Slots]].
*My Favorite Topics on Flipline's Blog are Quinn's Q&A and PLP Scenes.
===My Favourite Customers===
*[[Matt Neff|Matt]]
*[[Wylan B]]
==My Fanon Customers==
''For further information, click [ here.]''
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Matty0502 Ace.png|Ace
Matty0502 Adam.png|Adam
Matty0502 Adrian.png|Adrian
Matty0502 Aiden.png|Aiden
Matty0502 Ailyn.png|Ailyn
Matty0502 Alexis.png|Alexis
Matty0502 Alfred.png|Alfred
Matty0502 Amanda.png|Amanda
Matty0502 Amber.png|Amber
Matty0502 Amer.png|Amer
Matty0502 Andrew.png|Andrew
Matty0502 Angela.png|Angela
Matty0502 Anika.png|Anika
Matty0502 Ann.png|Ann
Matty0502 Anthony.png|Anthony
Matty0502 April.png|April
Matty0502 Aubrey.png|Aubrey
Matty0502 Autumn.png|Autumn
Matty0502 Avy.png|Avy
Matty0502 Axx.png|Axx
Matty0502 Ayaan.png|Ayaan
Matty0502 Bailey.png|Bailey
Matty0502 BarberQ..png|Barber Q.
Matty0502 Blanche.png|Blanche
Matty0502 Bonny.png|Bonny
Matty0502 Brendan.png|Brendan
Matty0502 Brie.png|Brie
Matty0502 Brody.png|Brody
Matty0502 Bryce.png|Bryce
Matty0502 Camilla.png|Camilla
Matty0502 Camille.png|Camille
Matty0502 Carl.png|Carl
Matty0502 Carla.png|Carla
Matty0502 Caroline.png|Caroline
Matty0502 Carlos.png|Carlos
Matty0502 Carrie.png|Carrie
Matty0502 Casey.png|Casey
Matty0502 Cobain.png|Cobain
Matty0502 Dolicia.png|Dolicia
Matty0502 Em.png|Em
Matty0502 Ginger.png|Ginger
Matty0502 Helen.png|Helen
Matty0502 Jackie.png|Jackie
Matty0502 John.png|John
Matty0502 Jorgo.png|Jorgo
Matty0502 Kevin.png|Kevin
Matty0502 Locki.png|Locki
Matty0502 Matty.png|Matty
Matty0502 Muddle.png|Muddle
Matty0502 Nidwell.png|Nidwell
Matty0502 Prude.png|Prude
Matty0502 Ravioli.png|Ravioli
Matty0502 Rita.png|Rita
Matty0502 Sky.png|Sky
Matty0502 Squall.png|Squall
Matty0502 Tarry.png|Tarry
Matty0502 Terrn.png|Terrn
Matty0502 Tweene.png|Tweene
Matty0502 Weeny.png|Weeny
Matty0502 Wolf.png|Wolf

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