aka MtheNinja

  • I live in Around the Corner
  • My occupation is Ninja
  • I am Male

Loves: Cinnamon rolls

Hates: Mosquitos

I remember when I got introduced to this game. I was playing a video game on my Playstation. I was waiting for my game to load and I ran into the computer room where my sister was playing. l remember asking "What are you doing". She showed me and I played it the next day. Ever since I have been a big fan.

My favorite specials

Papa's Cheeseria

Sauce pocket

Meat Lover's

Portallini panini

Papa's Bakeria

French silk

Creamo cheesecake


Papa's Taco mia HD

Cheesy beef and beans

Pollo qeuso loco

Smothered chicken

My favorite games

I Love Papa's Cheeseria. It actually was the first game I ever beat. I loved how the specials worked and am looking forward to seeing them in Papa's Bakeria

Favorite Customers

My favorite customer is Ninjoy. I like how she looks like a ninja.

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