• I live in Memphis,TN
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is student
  • I am Female

Hey guys! I'm a girl who loves making edits an having fun. I love the Papa games. I'm on rank 24 day 49 on papa's freezeria right now. I unlocked the pancakeria drink station. It makes the game harder and more fun. Yeah I love Peggy,Prudence, and Utah. Don't add mean things to my profile.

My orders: Pizzeria- 5 pepporonies, sausages, and mushrooms every where. 5 each

Burgeria: Ipad- Bread, well done patty, cheese, mushrooms,bacon, onion ring, lettuce, sauce with exclamation point, think its atomic.


I love yall



70 (Peggy)


Freezeria- large, mint,cookie dough, chunky, choco whipped cream, chocolate syrup, choco chips, creameo,cherry,cookie

Taco- Soft,steak,cheese,loco sauce, lettuce, hot sauce

pancakeria- 1 waffle w/bacon, 1 w/choco chips whipped cream, choco chips, 2 butters, maple syrup

small cup of orange juice with ice

wings- 3 garlic, 3 hot, 3 atomic strips, 4 fries, 4 cheese cubes, awesome dipx2

Attention- I will never be on wikia here again for this account. Mt new account will be peggyandsuelover since i got blocked and i deleted it.

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