Pete "Beefcake" Flapjackson

aka Beefcake

  • I live in Melbourne, Australia
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is a Student
  • I am a Hot Dog Vendor too. During Saturday and Sunday

Hello! A warm welcome to my userpage. My name is Pete "Beefcake" Flapjackson. Just call me Beefcake easily. I'm not a real beefcake. Just because i think a beefcake is a sandwich with beef as the main ingredient and cake as dessert.

About me 

  • I live in Melbourne, Australia.
  • I have three siblings.
  • I love tuna sandwiches (you can see it on my profile).
  • I am 15-years old.
  • I really love commenting on pages.
  • Since i am just 13 when i joined Wikia on 2013, i only contribute as an Anonymous Wikia Editor.
  • I am the third child of our parents.
  • My elder brother is the eldest. 
  • My elder sister is the second eldest. 
  • Then the youngest is my younger sister.
  • I consider my elder sister not just a sister, but a bestfriend.
  • I'm a huge Flipline fan.
  • My favorite color is Forest Green.
  • In 40 Hour Famine, i donated $3500.
  • I'm a half Australian and a half Swiss.

Things i already bought in Flipline Shop

  • Grumpy Onion
  • Flipdeck:
    • Pack 1
    • Pack 4
    • Pack 6
    • Pack 8
    • Pack 9
  • Papa's Burgeria Poster
  • Papa's Wingeria Clock
  • For shirts:
    • Know your Sauce: Kids (Color: Black)
    • Papa's Wingeria Shirt: Kids (Color: Red)
    • Jacksmith Shirt: Kids (Color: Royal)
    • Papa's Hot Doggeria Shirt: Kids (Color: Red)
    • Sarge Fan T-Shirt: Kids (Color: Black and Green Camo)
    • Romano Family Quartet Shirt: Kids (Color: Red)
  • Papa's Hot Doggeria Poster
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