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Hey Everyone!

Today I Was Really Expecting That The Mystery Will Be Solved!

Part 2 - April 30 2020

Part 3 (Finale)-May 1 2020

Today I Will Be Talking To You What Really Happened To Sheen? And Why He Never Existed And The Real Theory.


After School Greg Asked Cooper If There Is Any Tomato Snack And Eats The Tomato Pizza While At His Room Greg Figured Out Cooper's Memories Book Filled With Many Of His Pitcures But He Saw One Guy That Is Wearing Teal Shirt He Went Back To Cooper And Tell That Who Is This Guy? Then Cooper Responded "Oh Yeah,I Really Forgot That Guy".

Okay That Is Real Story But There Is Another Story About It Go Check The Sheen Theory.


In Burgerburgh Papa Louie Pals In The Bowling Area Sheen Used To Go There Before Disappearing.

Coming Soon Tommorow!