Hey guys, if you've been checking the recent Wiki Activity page, you may have noticed that a lot of pictures from the customer's galleries are removed.

Me, the other staff members and other users on Discord decided to implement this move for two reasons.

1. Having a ton of pictures (especially for the older and popular customers) can slow down loading in the pages for some users.

2. Many of the pics are deemed as having little purpose and are just random.

Here's what the dos and don'ts of the galleries should look like based from a member of the Discord.


  • Perfect orders (one image per gameria)
  • Promotional images (Georgito - sushiria to go/the sakura bay picture in the promo website, etc)
  • Holiday pictures
  • Thumbs up pictures
  • PNC (Papa's Next Chefs) pictures
  • Customer approved pictures
  •  PLP (Papa Louie Pals) teasers
  • New customer unlocked (only once)
  • Photo that proves a trivia section (eg Mindy's flipdeck can be in Sue's gallery to show she makes a cameo in Mindy's flipdeck) + a caption that describes the evidence
  • A shoutbox quote from Matt and Tony (eg a proof of Matt saying Liezel's favorite food is spumoni)
    • Fan Art:** only those who are from the blog (Peggy's fanart / ~~plp scenes~~)


  • Customer waiting in line/lobby (even if they're somehow related)
  • Customer ordering their food in restaurant/from phone (unless proof for a bug is needed) 
  • Customer during a mini-game (hallway hunt/worker)
  • Customer unlocking a special
  • Evolution  of a customer (look in pizzeria >> look in hot doggeria)
  • Angry/unpleased customer
  • Broken-link photos
  • Customers dining
  • Customer receiving a coupon
  • Happy customer/customer profile
  • Customer during an opening sequence
  • Customer when it's next to other customers (parade/opening sequence)
  • Customer's icon/profile
  • Customer thinking about its food
  • Cropped promotional picture
  • Customers' styles (takes place at the 'appearance' section)
  • Appearance in a game icon
  • No dialogue captions (e.g. Quinn: "I AM GOING TO SUE YOU FOR MAKING THIS HORRIBLE MEAL!", Big Pauly & Rico talking: "two obese people chattering")
  • Fanarts: nothing from nikospa/forum members, no "plp-duplicates" (trying to turn plp pals into real customers)
  • Edits of customers can go to fan art with staff permission (e.g. whiff with a smile, customers collage/compliation)

So, any thoughts about this?

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