Hey Guys, welcome to Mama Louie's Best Customer 2019! It's basically like Papa's Best Customer Male And Female but slightly different. Firstly, all the characters are ones that I have created, and although it says that the customers are all Mama Louie's, some of them aren't. Some of the characters competing are based on real people and aren't part of the Mama Louie restaurant franchise but are part of the same canon and want to prove to Mama Louie that they are the bosses around here. Here are some differences to this tournament

  • 64 characters are competing instead of 120.
  • There will only be one winner
  • There are 8 divisions instead of 15
  • 50% of the characters are Mama Louie's characters and the other 50% are real people.

Each division is named after a holiday in the Papa Louie games, some of which are celebrated at Mama Louie's restaurants. Check back every day for when each new round comes up. Let the fun begin!

Congratulations everyone! The final round is now up!   Please make some comments and please promote this to your friends. The more votes the better!

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Cherry Blossom Festival 

Rounds 1A/1B: Saturday February 9th 2019

  • Draco (1 vote) vs Granville (7 votes)
  • Kitty (6 votes) vs Donna (1 vote)

Rounds 2A/2B: Sunday February 10th 2019

  • Max (3 votes) vs Will (4 votes)
  • Jules (0 votes) vs Amelie (7 votes)

Semi- Finals : Sunday 10th March 2019

  • Will (2 votes vs Granville (13 votes)
  • Amelie (6 votes) vs Kitty (9 votes)

Division Finals: Sunday 7th April 2019

  • Granville (8 votes) vs Kitty (6 votes)


Rounds 1A/1B: Monday February 11th 2019

  • Justin (4 votes) vs Oli (5 votes)
  • Hannah (4 votes) vs Kacey (5 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Wednesday February 13th 2019

  • David Battery (5 votes) vs Rocky Romano (4 votes)
  • Brooke (6 votes) vs Sophie (2 votes)

Semi-finals: Wednesday March 13th 2019

  • David Battery (10 votes) vs Oli (3 votes)
  • Brooke (8 votes) vs Kacey (6 votes)

Division Finals: Sunday 7th April 2019

  • David Battery (4 votes) vs Brooke (10 votes)


Rounds 1A/1B: Friday February 22nd 2019

  • Ivor (6 votes) vs Damian (5 votes)
  • Millie (10 votes) vs Nightmare Woman (1 vote)

Rounds 2A/2B: Saturday February 23rd 2019

  • Jack (6 votes) vs Torch (7 votes)
  • Amanda (2 votes) vs Hotwings (11 votes)

Semi-finals: Friday 22nd March 2019

  • Torch (12 votes) vs Ivor (5 votes)
  • Hotwings (13 votes) vs Millie (12 votes)

Division Finals: Tuesday 16th April 2019

  • Torch (2 votes) vs Hotwings (10 votes)


Rounds 1A/1B: Sunday February 24th 2019

  • Den (4 votes) vs Ned (9 votes)
  • Frankie (9 votes) vs Ella (4 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Tuesday February 26th 2019

  • Crusader (4 votes) vs Sam (9 votes)
  • Bren (9 votes) vs Katie (4 votes)

Semi-finals: Monday 25th March 2019

  • Sam (5 votes) vs Ned (7 votes)
  • Bren (4 votes) vs Frankie (8 votes)

Division Finals: Tuesday 16th April 2019

  • Ned (1 vote) vs Frankie (11 votes)

Summer Luau

Rounds 1A/1B: Friday February 15th 2019

  • Leonardo (4 votes) vs Callum (6 votes)
  • Susan (8 votes) vs Ballerina (3 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Sunday February 17th 2019

  • Po Wrinklebottom (1) vs Daniel (9 votes)
  • Jessie (4 votes) vs Alisha (6 votes)

Semi-Finals: Saturday 16th March 2019

  • Daniel (5 votes) vs Callum (8 votes)
  • Alisha (6 votes) vs Susan (7 votes)

Division Finals: Friday 12th April 2019

  • Callum (9 votes) vs Susan (4 votes)

Valentines' Day

Rounds 1A/1B: Monday 18th February 2019

  • Kyle (6 votes) vs Chris (3 votes)
  • Stella (7 votes) vs Rosy Heart (2 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Wednesday 20th February 2019

  • George (6 votes) vs Sharaf (5 votes)
  • Emma (9 votes) vs Jess (2 votes)

Semi-finals: Tuesday March 19th 2019

  • George (2 votes) vs Kyle (12 votes)
  • Emma (8 votes) vs Stella (6 votes)

Division Finals: Friday 12th April 2019

  • Kyle (10 votes) vs Emma (3 votes)

St Paddy's Day

Rounds 1A/1B: Thursday 28th February 2019

  • Bog (10 votes) vs Trent (3 votes)
  • Beatrice (5 votes) vs Emily (8 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Saturday 2nd March 2019

  • Rhino (2 votes) vs Jordan (10 votes)
  • Gabby (8 votes) vs Ellie 4 votes)

Semi-finals: Friday 29th March 2019

  • Jordan (4 votes) vs Bog (9 votes)
  • Gabby (5 votes) vs Emily (8 votes)

Division Finals: Saturday April 20th 2019

  • Bog (9 votes vs Emily (3 votes)


Rounds 1A/1B: Monday 4th March 2018

  • Cash (5 votes) vs Joe (4 votes)
  • Fiona (1 vote) vs Eleanor (8 votes)

Rounds 2A/2B: Wednesday 6th March 2019

  • Jacob (8 votes) vs Aidan (5 votes) 
  • Libby (5 votes) vs Maddie (8 votes)

Semi-finals: Wednesday April 3rd 2019

  • Jacob (16 votes) vs Cash (1 votes)
  • Maddie (8 votes) vs Eleanor (10 votes)

Division Finals: Saturday 20th April 2019

  • Jacob (4 votes) vs Eleanor (9 votes)

Quarter Finals

Cherry Blossom/Halloween Division: Friday 26th April 2019

  • Granville (7 votes) vs Hotwings (10 votes)

Onionfest/Easter Division: Friday 26th April 2019

  • Frankie (13 votes) vs Brooke (5 votes)

Summer Luau/St Paddy's Day Division: Saturday 4th May 2019

  • Callum (1 vote) vs Bog (11 votes)

Thanksgiving/Valentine's Day Division: Saturday 4th May 2019

  • Eleanor (8 votes) vs Kyle (4 votes)

Final 4: Saturday 11th May 2019

  • Bog (6 votes) vs Hotwings (12 votes)
  • Frankie (6 votes) vs Eleanor (12 votes)

Final Round: Friday 24th May 2019

  • Hotwings vs Eleanor


Cherry Blossom Division

Cherry Blossom Semi-Finals

Cherry Blossom Division Finals

Easter Division

Easter Semi-finals

Easter Division Finals

Halloween Division

Halloween Semi-finals

Halloween Division Finals

Onionfest Division

Onion Fest Semi-finals

Onionfest Division Finals

Summer Luau Division

Summer Luau Semi-finals

Summer Luau Division Finals

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Semi-finals

Valentine's Day Division Finals

St Paddy's Day

St Paddy Day Semi-finals

St Paddy's Day Division Finals


Thanksgiving Semi-finals

Thanksgiving Division Finals

Quarter Finals

Final 4

Final round


  • Despite being in the Cherry Blossom Division, neither Draco or Granville have favoured the holiday since their restaurant debuts.
  • Kitty has a holiday outfit that represents the division, which is based on the holiday.
  • Jules' outfit represents her favourite holiday.
  • Amelie, Max, Will, Sophie, Brooke, Hannah, Kacey, Daniel, Alisha, Chris, George, Sharaf, Jess, Jack, Ned, Frankie, Ella, Sam, Trent, Beatrice (Ellen), Emily, Jordan, Gabby, Ellie, Joe and Eleanor, Jacob, Aidan, Libby and Maddie are all real people who attend the same high school.
  • Callum and Oli are the only two real people who attend different high schools to the others
  • Kitty is the only character in the Cherry Blossom Division with a Flipdeck. 
  • This is the first appearance of Susan's updated look, one noticeable different is that she wears sandalls now instead of shoes.
  • This is the first appearance of Po Wrinklebottom's updated look
  • Frankie is the only person in this tournament to be both a real person and one of Mama Louie's customers.
  • This is the first appearance of Crusader
  • Millie and Hotwings are so far the only two characters to win with either ten votes or more
  • After the first round, 16 Mama Louie characters (including Frankie) and 16 real people (excluding Frankie) reached the semi-finals of their division. Frankie being part of both groups makes the balance hard to judge upon.
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