• I live in Mushroom Kingdom
  • My occupation is Fly
  • I am A Goomba
  • Haclers

    Marty's Car

    February 18, 2013 by Haclers

    It kinda resemble these 3 cars

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  • Haclers

    The Fishy Forum

    February 17, 2013 by Haclers

    Something fishy is going on in the forum ever since it was created. Nobody cares about fun there and all they care about is cyberbullying or harassing. I wanna know who's behind this.

    My Thoughts:

    1. The forum has been opened since 2011, When I started playing Freezeria
    2. The main users are Nina, D-Walker, Slendar and a few more. No wonder why Matt and Tony are rarely on
    3. It appears the least popular users (wikiers) are the most harrased there. that is SOO stupid.
    4. They are all against here because of "corrupt users" (mainly Dawn and Birds, Who are never corrupt)
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  • Haclers

    We have to stop this, We do not want more hacking sessions going on!

    Should Bere and Papa Luis be banned permanently? Vote! (removing inactive/dead link - Bdj610)

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