I Am MonkeyBoy

aka Kristopher or Kris

  • I live in A Mysterious Place Called "Louisiana".
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is a Community College Freshman and a Wiki Editor.
  • I am an African American male.
  • Bio I'm just a guy who really loves cartoons and wants to actually create some for others to enjoy. A hobby of mine is coming up with cartoon ideas, the characters, and the story/plot.
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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    January 13, 2020 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Some people may recall the question that asked last year which was: What would you do if your teacher told you to write a 40 page essay? Well today, I started the 2nd semester of my freshman year of college. When one of my professors walked into the classroom, he wrote "Research Paper due April 26th. Minimum-65 Pages, Minimum-10 Sources". After that, he played some western music and walked around the classroom and made sure that my classmates and I were in the right room. And man, I was so happy when he revealed that he it was a joke. When he wrote that, I thought to myself "This class is gonna be that bull bull (I really hope that doesn't count as cursing)". Anyray, it immediately reminded me of that question.    

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy


    December 11, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Who here wants to read the story of the time my brother and I got into trouble for walking home from school even though we were basically told to? Alright, so I was in the 3rd grade, and he was in the 2nd grade. At our school, there were Car Riders and Pick-Ups, Walker 1's, Walker 2's, and Bus Riders. For some weird reason, the Walker 2's went home before Walker 1's (you would think that 1 would go first). Anyway, we were usually Car Riders and Pick-Ups, but that day, my teacher told me that my mom called to say that she changed me from a Car Rider to a Walker 2 (I presume that my brother's teacher did the same). So at end of the story school day, the intercom calls the Walker 2's and we go where they are. Then we walked home (that was a l…

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Thanksgiving Meals

    November 29, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Did everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving have a good meal? What did you eat? I ate ham, macaroni and cheese, steak, green beans, potato salad, and a turkey leg. For dessert, I had turtle pie, buttermilk pie, and 7Up cake. 

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Question 3

    July 1, 2019 by I Am MonkeyBoy

    Here it is: If you were in a cartoon, what role do you think you would have? Meaning do you you think you would be the protagonist  (Main Character), deuteragonist (2nd most important character), tritagonist (3rd most important character), or the antagonist (villain)? Also, what would your personality be?    

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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    I bet that no one can guess what cartoon this picture is from. Cartoon name, and episode name. No hints will be given (Laughs evilly). 

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