(Idea taken from BenjaminFreeLife)

So, hey everyone! Otter's Customerpalooza is here! The rules are...

  • You can only submit 1 customer.
  • You cannot copy a Customerpalooza contenstant's outfit if you are not the person that made the contestant.
  • You cannot submit other versions of already-made customers.
  • You cannot submit customers that look like some REAL LIFE person (And with that I mean famous/well known people, it is ok if you submit someone that looks like you or a friend of yours). Also, you cannot submit a human version of a game character (f.e you cannot submit Sonic or NyanCat).
  • You cannot submit REALLY weird-looking customers.
  • You must obviously attach the picture of your submission in a comment
  • Your comment must include the customer's name.
  • No inappropriate,weird or random names are allowed.
  • (new rule) Do not be rude if your customer loses or if you don't like another customer. Keep hating for yourself :T

Follow the rules,and have fun!!



Congrats, CatFun123!!

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