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  • Luxpop

    KCP submissions

    September 1, 2015 by Luxpop

    Since everyone is doing this, 

    please vote for: Kamilla the Rock N Roll rebel Josh who is cool for the summer Allison the shy and lovable cutie

    3 stars is prefable


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  • Luxpop

    1 year anniversary!

    July 10, 2015 by Luxpop


    Today is my 1 year anniversary on the Flipline Studious Wiki!

    I never thought that I would still be editing this wiki but here I am!

    I won't be on for the weekend cause I am sick [ Winter in Australia :(  ]

    Looks like I will keep on editing for another year

    Cook on Flipliners!!!!!!!!

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  • Luxpop

    Since Rudy and Scarlett are definitely the chefs, i think:

    • it will be set in Cheesyville or Toastwood (probably Toastwood but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Cheesyville!)
    • the story will have something to do with a date
    • there will be a bread, grill, topping and ? station
    • there will be new holidays like grand cheese festival
    • it would be Sasha's favourite holiday and she will wear her new shirt
    • Gremmie and Lisa will wear special outfits

    Any other thoughts? Comment down below with what you think can happen!

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  • Luxpop


    August 19, 2014 by Luxpop


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