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    This is just my version of how I see the game. Feel free to share your thought in the comments :)

    Papa's Pastaria To Go! is the fourteenth To Go! game in the Papa Louie's restaurant time-management series. The app will be officially announced on July 14, 2020. It will be released on October 6, 2020.

    • Cook noodles, pour sauce, and add toppings
    • All new gameplay features designed for touchscreens
    • Toast all sorts of breads in the Bread Station
    • Custom chefs and servers
    • 12 separate holidays to unlock, each with more ingredients
    • Earn and master 40 unique Special Recipes
    • 90 colorful Stickers to earn for completing tasks
    • 131 customers to serve with unique orders
    • Use Stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
    • 131 zany ingredients to unlock

    • 7/14/20: Coming…

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  • MasterousMatty

    All names are based of the game files dont judge:

    • Tissue Box
    • Roman Candle
    • Wooden Sword
    • Movie Tickets
    • Plush Burgerzilla
    • Hockey Stick
    • Arcade Tickets
    • Hot Sauce
    • Plush Tomato
    • Spray Paint
    • Fishing Rod with Fish
    • Pineapple
    • Bowling Ball
    • Crutch2
    • Crutch3
    • Sledge Hammer
    • Artist Brush
    • Cheese Wheel
    • Hair Clippers
    • Tennis Ball
    • Beach Ball
    • Maracas
    • Creameo
    • Rose
    • Pancakes
    • Wooden Crate
    • Plum
    • Power Glow
    • Pad and Pencil 2
    • Bass Guitar
    • Lantern
    • Xmas Wreath
    • Breif Case
    • Gift Box
    • Hairdryer
    • Mochi Bag
    • Pepper Jar
    • Shrimp Cocktail
    • Wooden Canoe Paddle
    • Spell Book
    • Cocktail Platter
    • Canned Beans
    • Orange Juice
    • Test Tube
    • Donut3
    • Donut2
    • Otoscope
    • Artist Palette
    • Grilled Cheese Half
    • Movie Camera
    • Wrench
    • Map
    • Watering Can
    • Pirate Treasure
    • Orange Book
    • Magician Wand
    • Awesome Sauce
    • Hiking Stick
    • Order Pad
    • Tablet
    • Newspaper
    • Sausage
    • Basketball
    • Hot Dog
    • Cooler
    • Test Paper
    • C…
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    So I somehow came up with the idea of making a list of customers and what is their favorite food based on what they've been ordering the most in Gamerias. My goal is to find at least two items the customers favor the most - sweet and savory. Care to help me in the comments? :)

    Akari - Bananas
    Alberto - Bananas
    Allan - Nutty Butter Cups
    Amy -
    Austin - Awesome Sauce
    Bertha - BBQ Ribs
    Big Pauly - Crushida Pepper
    Boomer - Powsicle
    Boopsy & Bill -
    Brody -
    Bruna Romano - Mocha
    Cameo - Caramel Apples
    Captain Cori - Calamari
    Carlo Romano - Italian Sausage
    Cecilia - Cranberries, Lemon
    Cherissa - Cherries
    Chester - Kiwi
    Chuck - Pineapple
    Clair -
    Cletus - Carrots
    Clover - Cookie Dough
    Connor - Tropical Charms
    Cooper - Pepperoni
    Crystal - Blackberries
    Daniela -
    Deano - Gnocchi…

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    Papa Louie: The Attack is a fanmade game made by Matty0502. It is the fourth game in the Papa Louie series of platformer games.

    From Pizza Monsters to Scoopkins... this birthday couldn't get any worse!

    The sweet and savory sides of Munchmore move from one side to another, and it's all up to Roy to save his uncle's loyal customers from the invincible and unstoppable, Radley Madish. May his life rise to fate, with his baddies from Multigrain Fields to Vanilla Heights.

    (i will continue this later...)

    Roy wakes up at the morning, just to find out today is Papa's birthday. He has to wake his sister up so everything will be set up at the Pizzeria. Calling all their friends and the Pizzeria tenants, the group gather up to make Papa a birthday he won't…

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  • MasterousMatty


    Papa Louie Style A
    Style B (Pastaria, Bakeria-Onwards)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C [Swimsuit] (PL2/PL3, Freezeria/To Go!)
    Winter Outfit (Christmas 2013, PL3)
    Style H [ ] (Bakeria/To Go!)
    Style H [ ] (Pizzeria HD)
    Style H [ ] (PLP)
    Roy Style A
    Style A [Beta Hat] (PL1-Hot Doggeria)
    Style A [Cupcakeria Hat] (Cupcakeria/HD/To Go!)
    Style B
    Winter Outfit 1 (Christmas 2013)
    Winter Outfit 2 (Christmas 2015)
    Custom Clothing (Pizzeria HD)
    Big Pauly Style A
    Style B
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2)
    Style H [ ] (Halloween 2013, Donuteria To Go!)
    Style H [ ] (PLP)
    Mindy Style A [Beta Design] (PL1-Taco Mia!)
    Style A [Beta Design] (Freezeria-Burgeria HD)
    Style A (Wingeria-Onwards)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2, Bakeria-Onwards)
    Customer Approved! (Pan…

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