Papa Louie: The Attack is a fanmade game made by Matty0502. It is the fourth game in the Papa Louie series of platformer games.


From Pizza Monsters to Scoopkins... this birthday couldn't get any worse!

The sweet and savory sides of Munchmore move from one side to another, and it's all up to Roy to save his uncle's loyal customers from the invincible and unstoppable, Radley Madish. May his life rise to fate, with his baddies from Multigrain Fields to Vanilla Heights.

(i will continue this later...)


Roy wakes up at the morning, just to find out today is Papa's birthday. He has to wake his sister up so everything will be set up at the Pizzeria. Calling all their friends and the Pizzeria tenants, the group gather up to make Papa a birthday he won't forget. The Romanos playing birthday songs, the chefs one after another cooking food, and all of this while making sure Papa won't wake up.

Trying to save himself from the mess, Greg decides to go outside and not care about the birthday party, and notices a strange warp key on the ground. However, Greg doesn't seem to care at all, as the warp keys aren't that much of a big deal. Greg decides to keep the warp key on his pocket.

Eventually, Papa wakes up in surprise and everyone is in Papa's Pizzeria, celebrating Papa a happy birthday. When the show's about to start, Greg accidentally drops his warp key on the floor, which gets Radley Madish, Sarge, and Luau LePunch. Robby and Maggie gets scared and tries to escape the building, but the doors are locked. All of Papa's loyal customers get sucked on into the giant portal to Munchmore, including Roy and Joy, who is left with a simple pizza cutter.

Character Special Skill Weapon*
Papa Louie Gliding Pizza Paddle (Melee)
Roy None Pizza Cutter (Melee)
Big Pauly Ground Pound Pepper Bombs (Thrown)
Mindy None Hair Dryer Whip (Whip)
Chuck None Pineapple Shooter (Shot)
Taylor None Ear Buds (Whip)
Allan Dashing Hockey Stick (Melee)
Penny Wall Climb Blueberry Shooter (Shot)
Timm Double Jump Dance Moves (Melee)
Sue None Walkie Talkie (Melee)
Cooper None Pancake Ladle (Melee)
Marty None Spatula (Melee)
Maggie None Tortilla Boomerang (Thrown)
Wally None Fishing Rod (Melee)
Robby Wall Climbing Anchor (Whip)
Rita None Film (Whip)
Mitch Swim Boost Green Pepper Bombs (Melee)
James Rock Pushing Plunger (Melee)
Greg Crawling Warp Keys (Thrown)
Mary None Paintbrush (Melee)
Prudence None Dog Squeak Toys (Thrown)
Kingsley Ground Pound Microphone (Whip)
Cecilia Double Jump Dance Moves (Melee)
Mandi None Chicken Wing Skewer (Melee)
Sasha Wall Climb Cheddar Mack Toy (Whip)
Olga Ground Pound Mushroom Spear (Thrown)
Franco None Pencils (Thrown)
Tohru None Boba-zooka (Shot)
Clair None Stethoscope (Whip)
Clover Dashing Drumsticks (Melee)
Hugo None Vinyls (Thrown)
Peggy Double Jump Lasso (Whip)
Carlo Romano None Mandolin (Melee)
Gino Romano Ground Pound Bass (Melee)
Little Edoardo Crawling Bunny Ears (Melee)
Bruna Romano None Mocha Shooter (Shot)
Sarge Fan Wall Climb Gummy Onions (Thrown)
Akari Dashing Banana-zooka (Shot)
Alberto Dashing Soccer Balls (Thrown)
Tony None Donut Bombs (Melee)
Matt None Sushi (Thrown)
Doan None Draft Paper (Melee)
Lisa Dashing Jump Rope (Whip)
Cletus None Shovel (Melee)
Connor Double Jump Basketball (Thrown)
Kayla None Telescope (Melee)
Edna Gliding Cloth (Whip)
Vicky Ground Pound Perfume Bombs (Thrown)
Zoe None Guitar (Melee)
Georgito Crawling Money Bag (Melee)
Nick Swim Boost Oar (Melee)
Quinn None Court Hammer (Melee)
Rico Rock Pushing Chili Cans (Thrown)
Xandra Gliding X Wand (Melee)
Jojo None Food Launcher (Shot)
Kahuna Ground Pound Surfboard (Melee)
Captain Cori Rock Pushing Flag (Melee)
Gremmie Swim Boost Lobster (Whip)
Utah Swim Boost Tiki Torch (Melee)
Ivy Stratosphere Travel Trout Plane (Thrown)
Ninjoy Wall Climb Pizza Cutter/Karate (Melee)
Hank None Club (Melee)
Johnny Wall Climb Axe (Melee)
Wendy Dashing Wrench (Melee)
Yippy Crawling Rainbow Cookies (Thrown)
Foodini Gliding Balloon Whip (Whip)
Boomer Stratosphere Roman Candle (Shot)
Professor Fitz Gliding Beakers (Thrown)
Xolo Ground Pound X-Wand (Melee)
Scooter Double Jump Skateboard (Melee)
Skyler Stratosphere Steampunk Gas (Thrown)
Bertha Ground Pound Whistle (Whip)
Kenji Stratosphere Medal (Whip)
Pinch Hitwell Dashing Baseball Bat (Melee)
Shannon None Camera (Melee)
Radlynn Wall Climb Radish Plush Toys (Thrown)
Willow None Skull Boomerang (Thrown)
Trishna Gliding Scarf (Whip)
Mayor Mallow Ground Pound Sash (Whip)
Scarlett None Bow and Arrow (Shot)
Nevada None Necklace (Whip)
Deano Swim Boost Paddle (Melee)
Crystal None Crystal Balls (Thrown)
Hope None Sheriff Badges (Thrown)
Olivia None Party Subs Toys (Thrown)
Sienna None Turkey (Melee)
Rudy Stratosphere Bass (Melee)
Iggy Crawling Planet Balls (Thrown)
Julep Crawling Bouquet (Melee)
Ember Stratosphere Water Hose (Whip)
Hacky Zak None Mango Plush Toys (Thrown)
Rhonda Ground Pound Keys (Whip)
Chester Dashing Saucy Shot (Shot)
Brody None Brush (Melee)
Austin None Awesome Sauce Shooter (Shot)
Perri Double Jump Wheels Stick (Melee)
Yui None Crossbow (Shot)
Whiff Rock Pushing Fists (Melee)
Janana None Banana-zooka (Shot)
Cherissa None Cherry Bombs (Thrown)
Steven Double Jump Electric Guitar (Melee)
Duke Gotcha None Nowtimes Mic (Melee)
Emmlette Ground Pound Eggs (Thrown)
Elle None Mini-Crates (Thrown)
Koilee Swim Boost Fish (Melee)
Vincent None Mailbox (Melee)
Wylan B Double Jump Wildberry Derps (Thrown)
Mousse Stratosphere Chocolate Mousse (Shot)
Whippa Stratosphere Whipped Cream (Shot)
Fernanda None Pencil (Thrown)
Amy None Rose Bouquet (Melee)
Ripley Rock Pushing Magnifying Glass (Melee)
Cameo Swim Boost Caramel Apple Torch (Melee)
LePete Wall Climb Coconuts (Thrown)
Moe Stratosphere Comic (Melee)
Indigo Gliding T-Shirt (Melee)
Liezel Gliding Phonephones (Thrown)
Nye Double Jump Towel (Whip)
Mr. Bombolony None Prisms (Thrown)
Boopsy & Bill None idk tbh (idk tbh)
Drakson Double Jump idk tbh (idk tbh)
Kasey O Dashing Brawler Gloves (Melee)
Mesa None Lanterns (Thrown)
Daniela Dashing Bazooka (Shot)
Kaleb Dashing Soccer Balls (Thrown)


Level 1: Multigrain Fields

  • Rescue Big Pauly
  • Rescue Olivia
  • Rescue Clover (Needs Crawling)
  • Find 100 Coins
  • Defeat 3 Pizza Monsters
  • Collect 5 Papa coins (Needs Gliding)

Level 2: The Blimp Ride

  • Rescue Greg
  • Rescue Wally (Needs Ground Pound)
  • Rescue Rita (Needs Gliding)
  • Find 100 Coins (Needs Dashing)
  • Defeat 6 Pizza Monsters (Needs Ground Pound)
  • Collect 5 Papa coins

Level 3: Pasta Jungles

  • Rescue Peggy
  • Rescue Allan (Needs Dashing)
  • Rescue Drakson (Needs Crawling)
  • Find 100 Coins (
  • Defeat 9 Pizza Monsters (Needs Dashing)
  • Collect 5 Tribal spears (Needs Gliding)
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