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    Hey everyone,

    As many of you might remember, back in 2017, I have made a fanmade tournament to see who is the most favored customers based of fans' opinions. Well, the tournament turn out to be a failure. However, I decided to bring the tournament back to life in my 14th year, as a mature guy.

    As we're at the third month of 2020, which is the last year we will be able to play Papa's desktop games, let's sum up the good times with a brand new tournament and remember more than 100 customers we have learned about every year more and more.

    The process of the tournament will work like Kingsley's customerpalooza. Each week, I will announce two battling positions, one for the boys, and one for the girls. The person with the bigger amou…

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  • MasterousMatty

    My PLP Scenes

    April 20, 2018 by MasterousMatty

    NOTE: If you wanna use the scenes for your blogs, feel free! Just please don't overwrite it!

    - Made it to the blog!

    What do you think? Wanna share your opinions? Please comment down below and tell what you think about it!

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    Papa Louie Style A
    Style B (Pastaria, Bakeria-Onwards)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C [Swimsuit] (PL2/PL3, Freezeria/To Go!)
    Winter Outfit (Christmas 2013, PL3)
    Style H [ ] (Bakeria/To Go!)
    Style H [ ] (Pizzeria HD)
    Style H [ ] (PLP)
    Roy Style A
    Style A [Beta Hat] (PL1-Hot Doggeria)
    Style A [Cupcakeria Hat] (Cupcakeria/HD/To Go!)
    Style B
    Winter Outfit 1 (Christmas 2013)
    Winter Outfit 2 (Christmas 2015)
    Custom Clothing (Pizzeria HD)
    Big Pauly Style A
    Style B
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2)
    Style H [ ] (Halloween 2013, Donuteria To Go!)
    Style H [ ] (PLP)
    Mindy Style A [Beta Design] (PL1-Taco Mia!)
    Style A [Beta Design] (Freezeria-Burgeria HD)
    Style A (Wingeria-Onwards)
    Style B (PL2)
    Style C (PL2, Bakeria-Onwards)
    Customer Approved! (Pan…

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