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    Hi =], in this blog them I give my ideas for Papa Louie 3: When Tacos Attack!. The place is Mexican.

    Name Weapon Skill
    Mitch Meat Knife (Melee) None
    Maggie Meat Knife (Melee) None
    Ivy Pink Ribbon (Whip) None
    Deano Rowing (Melee) None
    Pinch Hitwell Bat Objet of Baseball (Melee) None
    Scarlett Microphone (Melee) None
    Timm Dance Steps (Melee) None
    Julep Mint Bomb (Ranged) None
    Gino Romano Cello (Melee) Ground Pound
    Mayor Mallow Trophy (Whip) Ground Pound
    Vicky Cans of Paint (Ranged) Ground Pound
    Ember Fireman Hose (Whip) Wall Jump
    Chuck Beach Ball (Ranged) Wall Jump
    Robby Lance (Melee) Wall Jump
    Trishna Orange Bomb (Ranged) Pushing
    Bertha Baseball Whistle (Whip) Pushing
    Bruna Romano Accordion (Melee) Pushing
    Carlo Romano Mandolin (Melee) Double Jump
    Kayla Neckl…

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  • Maxpengui586


    July 1, 2014 by Maxpengui586

    Hi, I'm Max. I came to help. I hope to please them.

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