Under this blog post I've decied to upload the characters from Silent Hill as Papa Louie Customers.

    Tell me what do you think about them. :) Oh, and don't forget to tell you favorite :)

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    Papa's Yogurteria

    November 8, 2019 by RUNEPATRIARCH

    Hi there.

    I would like to present you another idea called Papa’s Yogurteria (To Go) because some people were saying that French Toasteria is not the greatest idea. I hadn’t decide who should be the chefs so it’s up to you who should or can be. And I’d like to thank JK for giving me the clues for the stations.

    The location. I wasn't sure about this one but I'll go with Burgerburgh International Airport or maybe Glacial Hills? I don't know. Have you got any suggestions?

    But if Glacial Hills would be the name - it would be definietly the mountain/winter resort. And the story would start during autumn where the workers arrived to the resort for the concert/musical festival but due to the storm it was cancelled and the hotels were full. Robby/Tohr…

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    Okay. Since I had a little time on my hands I have decided to create a fan idea called "Papa's French Toasteria". I know what you are going to say: It's way to similar to Cheeseria/To Go. French Toasts are already used in Pancakeria/HD/To Go. But it wouldn't harm to make an idea, right? And it might be considered as sweet version of Cheeseria To Go. Also I hadn't decide who should be the chefs so... it's up to you who can be.

    Anyway, here's the full list:

    • Brody
    • Olivia

    • Order Station
    • Build Station
    • Grill Station
    • Topping Station

    • Robby (Tutorial) (J)
    • Rhonda (After Tutorial) (H)
    • Mary (Random) (V)
    • Sasha (Random) (M)
    • Franco (Random) (N)
    • Mitch (Random) (J)
    • James (Time) (M)
    • Yui (Time)
    • Connor (Time)
    • Maggie (Time) (H)
    • Professor Fitz (Time)
    • Scooter (Time)
    • Doan (Time)
    • Wendy…

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    After quite long time I finally managed to get The Star Customer Of The Year badge. I'm so happy about that fact. I could have gotten it sooner but I accidently forgot to do anything on the fandom when I had 200 something days and I had to do it again.

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    I know that Burgeria To Go will never be remastered But here's my idea for remastered version of Burgeria To Go (I chose To Go version because it has more things than Burgeria and Burgeria HD):

    Papa’s Burgeria To Go (My Version):

    • Regular Bun (Start)
    • Whole Grain Bun (Start)
    • Graham Bun (Unlocked during Halloween)
    • Poppyseed Roll (Unlocked during New Year)
    • Hoagie Bun (Unlocked during Summer Luau)
    • Pretzel Bun (Unlocked during Portallini Feast)

    • Beef (Start)
    • Pork (Start)
    • Chicken (Unlocked during Thanksgiving)
    • Fish (Unlocked during Easter)
    • Tofu (Unlocked during Cinco de Mayo)

    • American Cheese (Start)
    • Pickle (Start)
    • Tomato (Start)
    • Lettuce (Start)
    • Onion Ring (Unlocked with Scooter at Rank 2)
    • Swiss Cheese (Unlocked with Captain Cori at Rank 3)
    • Banana Peppers (Unlocked w…

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