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  • RedRubyTwilight

    So you probably noticed I have become less and less active. Well basically I survived the coronavirus....

    ...all kidding aside, I may consider leaving Fandom. I'm losing interest more and more, barely use Forum and I probably won't make a discord either. I haven't played any new game since DTG so I can't do much for the editing frenzy. If I were to quit I couldn't pinpoint the exact date but maybe next month. So this isn't an official post that I'm leaving but just stating it's a possibility.

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  • RedRubyTwilight

    So we're down to 47 days left of the decade and we still have videos about how discoloring coke is a 'lifehack' so here a few of the most annoying trends we should stop in 2020.

    The Clown Emoji. God it just makes skin crawl, most people use it without any actual rebuttal to what someone is saying. Yeah the person might a clown but like seeing it anywhere just triggers me for some reason.

    Spelling shortcuts. Like it's fine every now and then(I use tho on occasion) but OMG it's gotten so ridiculous. It makes me wonder if they think it's actually spelled ur and the worst ones are the ones with numbers like b4 or gr8. Is it really that hard type out you?!

    The boi spelling. I'm so tired people of people still doing this, thinking they're edgy or …

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  • RedRubyTwilight

    ...and got on the leaderboard!

    I'll still be active tommorow to finish a little project of mine but less active later in the the school week.


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  • RedRubyTwilight

    The third and last part!

    1. Thank You, Next wasn't that good but I prefer 7 Rings even though neither are that great.
    2. Ariana in general isn't that good.
    3. Your sexual orientation/identity is not an achievement.
    4. Mangoes on their own are gross
    5. r/toastme is stupid, no I did not misspell roast me as you may not have heard of it. It's basically the opposite of roast me where they roast themselves and people compliment them. If you need to fish for compliments they aren't real compliments. Like has everyone in your life abandoned you that you need to seek validation from strangers on the internet?
    6. With that said however most of the roast on r/roastme these days are regurgitated, unimaginative and dull because most people on it look the same the it's alway…
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  • RedRubyTwilight

    Since a certain user decided to comment one month later on my blog polling about what I should do next even after the storytime won. So I was deciding whether I should do Part 3 of Unpopular Opinions or this, I need some time to gather that so I choose this.

    Customers: Rita, Marty, Edna, Connor, Cletus, Kayla, Vicky, Akari & Lisa.

    Backdrops; Burgeria Kitchen and Lobby,Fit Frenzy Gym, SugarPlex Theater, Burgerburgh Airport, Inside Plane.

    Customers: Maggie, Mitch, Quinn, Jojo, Zoe, Nick, Rico, Xandra

    Backdrops:Taco Mia Lobby Kitchen & Lobby, Tacodale Speedway, Just Quinn and Associates, Casa Bella Furniture Outlet, Abscessive Dental/Doller Holler/Cycle.

    Customers: Doan, Deano, Crystal, Sienna, Olivia, Hope (Pastaria To Go! Debutant(s))


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