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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    So I was about to go to KCP2016 on my desktop and I discovered that for something going wrong I'm not logged in as Ixora anymore and now I can't share my characters' links. Awesome.

    Dear Matt, please do a sign-up thing next year anyways I have my characters given in the KCP thread don't forget to check them out and vote for them. The odds aren't in my favour this year but that's fine I wish you all the best with your characters and feel free to notify me your characters I'd love to check them out and rate them. Thank you and have a nice day/evening. :)

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Ah, I don't know I will die soon or not but if I do, I actually want it to be REALLY SOON.

    If you don't know, then ISIS has already entered Bangladesh and attacked a restaurant in Dhaka two days ago. Sigh, only God knows how much more drama I will have to see till I'm alive...

    Today the newspaper was like 70% articles about this attack... and reading the newspaper seriously made me weep like anyone would think that I was actually reading some tragic romantic book.

    How much ever you people say that ISIS is Islamic Terrorism... the Dhaka at…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    One terrorist attack in Paris that kills about 150 people and another one in Lebanon... Okay, Paris is the hotspot.

    Too stupid that people are being so paranoid over one ISIS attack that killed only 150 people in Paris.
    Everyone is being like "OMG PARIS IS GONE PRAY FOR PARIS!!!!!!". Only this attack is making people rage against all Muslims, seriously?! #KillAllMuslims? Great, kill me too.

    ... nonsense. JUST NONSENSE.
    What are you guys doing when Israeli soldiers are killing hundreds in Palestine every month? How many people react to the fact that those soldiers cruelly kill innocent babies in Palestine? Did Facebook ever bother to create a Palestinian flag filter? Would you guys be so paranoid if the same thing happened in Pakistan or Afghani…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Hey guys!

    I finally returned to Bangladesh after my 16 days trip in China on November 1. Dang, after returning, I saw that I missed a lot of lessons and my exam will start in December. So I need to study all the stuff that I missed AND prepare for my exam ugh it sucks. As soon as I returned to BD, I bacame busy with that. This is why I could not log in here and I still cannot say that I am active again.

    My trip to China was awesome. China is so beautiful! And lol there many cute boys from different countries in the conpetition. Making friends with people from different corners of the world is so fun! Tho the fact that most people thought I am from India was very annoying. The Brazilians and the Colombians were my really good friends, the Sou…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Great news for you guys~!

    This August, I participated in the national Chinese Bridge competition and won as runner-up in it. Me and the champion will together go to China this Friday (16 October) to participate in the World Chinese Bridge competition for Secondary School students that will take place in Kunming, China. Winners from all over the world will be the competitors now. I will have to stay in China for 16 days and then I will return on Sunday, November 1.

    I fell on my knees when I got to know that I will be going to China as a participant last month. I'm very excited AND tensed for the competition at the same time. I have never been to China before, so I'm a bit tensed cuz my parents are not going with me. But every time I think abo…

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