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  • I live in The world of memes
  • I was born on March 17
  • My occupation is Professional sleeper
  • I am in love with my blanket
  • Shaira the LittleCub

    But I made Shaira look similar to Trishna!

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Seriously... the wiki is not as fun as it was before... in 2014 it  was so fun!

    Still, I have just made some polls here... about ages and culture. No need to reveal your age and origin in the comments if you don't want, but I want you to vote (please, be honest in the polls) just so that we can see the varieties of people here! I really wanna know the proportion of different kinds of users on this wiki. You all are awesome!
    The last one is just troll! xD

    My own votes:
    Age- 14
    Origin- Indian Subcontinent
    Religion- Muslim
    Jokes- Any random joke that's terribly funny

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    To all the Flipline Studios Wikians,

    Recently, some frauds are visiting the wiki. Even, there is a cyberbully here who suddenly attacks this place by vandalising some pages and sending rude messages to users...

    Anyways, whoever the user is, and whenever it takes place, doesn't matter. There is no guarantee when the user might end up tormenting users or start an edit war with you or whatever. Here are some tips for you to deal with any situation like this.

    These are some basic tips for any incident:

    • Stay cool. Don't get furious and end up sending rude messages/replies to that user.
    • Report to an admin when necessary.
    • I know, it is not that easy to be Mother Teresa all the time and be calm and kind to everyone... writing some harsh words are fine, …
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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    A Year

    May 26, 2015 by Shaira the LittleCub

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'm finally a year old on this wiki!!!!!!!!!!

    I joined this place on 26th May, 2014 and today is 26th May, 2015. So... uh... today is my wiki birthday in that sense. :P

    Interestingly, today was a great day for me, I will never forget what happened today. I met the vice premier of China! She came to visit our class in the university. Besides, when she was giving a speech in Chinese on the stage of the auditorium, I was in the backstage translating every single sentence of her in Bengali.

    My best day in 2015. :D

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    NASA said that there will be more minor earthquakes for a few weeks and another massive earthquake will occur in the Indian Subcontinent and people must prepare themselves for the big one.... Well, don't be afraid, that's actually nothing more than a rumour.

    To the ones who live in the Indian Subcontinent: If you heard that news and you're panicked, please don't be. People are just spreading them for making us scared without any reason. No need to believe my words, check this:

    Although "there's gonna be another earthquake in India and even Bengalis will suffer" is not true, we can never be so sure when there will be another earthquake. NASA didn't say t…

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