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  • Shaira the LittleCub :(

    I'm messing it up!

    UPDATE: Okay fixed that finally, but the template... I'm messing it up. :( Someone please add it...

    I bet I'm the messiest admin here. I felt like a piece of s**t when I could not help...

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Since this was too huge for posting on Bdj's Wall, he asked me to write it on a blog on this thread.

    Vinnie928 [Mar 29 10:30 AM]:    SuperCub, the Flipline Studios wiki is very sloppy.
    Vinnie928 [Mar 29 10:30 AM]:    You're welcome for the help I did on some of the pages.
    SuperCub [Mar 29 10:31 AM]:    the wiki is not perfect yet... i have to admit that
    Vinnie928 [Mar 29 10:31 AM]:    it's no where close
    Zorua-Zoroark [Mar 29 10:31 AM]:    There's a lot of pointless angry faces/perfect orders
    Zorua-Zoroark [Mar 29 10:32 AM]:    There could be an expressions face for the scores
    Vinnie928 [Mar 29 10:32 AM]:    I'll let someone else handle the galleries
    SuperCub [Mar 29 10:32 AM]:    i know
    SuperCub [Mar 29 10:32 AM]:    i did talk about that to other…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    My Birthday

    March 17, 2015 by Shaira the LittleCub

    It's my birthday today and unlike every year, the party was not so huge. In the previous years, my parties were so huge, my friends, cousins, neighbours... all of them were invited. Even elders would join our "madness"! I'm too health-conscious and this is why I use the cream on a cake for decorating other peoples' faces (YOU GOT IT XD). Cream, sprays and other stuff made all of us look like clowns! So yeah. Huge crowd, more madness, more noise!

    But this year, I did none of them. No, not for myself, but... because I love my parents. :)

    My parents went to Saudi Arabia (they stayed in Egypt for the last three days :P) and they returned a few days ago. Believe it or not, both my parents are very old. I didn't throw a party cuz..... more people=…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Because my exams are arriving, I need to take preparation. So I will be inactive for the whole month. Hopefully, I'll return at the end of January. But Hearts will be inactive too. This is why, I may visit in the weekends (or any random day) just to have a watch.

    I don't think so there will be any problem since I rarely do any useful edit here and Bdj and Luis are active. This wiki is also running very well... I don't expect any vandalismm, huge conflicts or any other serious problem.

    Anyways... tata (it means goodbye in our language)!

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    I've checked around Wikia and found wikis of some bands like One Direction. But I became too sad to see that there is no Evanescence Wiki (I like this band more than 1D) or Linkin Park Wiki. WAAA I want to open an Evanescence Wiki... but my winter holiday is almost over and my exams are arriving... I'm thinking of doing it when I will get some time to contribute.

    So I wanted to ask you people... how about having such a wiki?

    Oh, an interesting thing to share... my first edit (comment) on 1D Wiki gave me a LUCKY BADGE! O_O

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