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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Who keeps adding off-topic links and pictures in this page? I noticed that in that page, people are adding their customer pictures, pictures of FCs and Custom Workers. Please! This is also a page like the PNC pages!!!! This is the page of a contest that held a LONG TIME ago!!!!!! The participants were they and ONLY THEY:

    • Ratchet
    • Raphael
    • Anabelle
    • Amber
    • Dice
    • Mike
    • Verona
    • Jasmine
    • Gabriel
    • Scotty
    • Gloria
    • Safety
    • Michael
    • Alexander
    • Thea
    • Lillyanna
    • Donny
    • Marquis
    • Hope
    • Lizzy
    • Gordon
    • Vince
    • Alli
    • Kya
    • Noah
    • Wilbert
    • Emmy
    • Camilla
    • Steele
    • Ruben
    • Keilly Anne
    • Stacey

    Why do people add other customers' pics and add spams? Admins shall protect the pages of BOTH CUSTOMERPALOOZA AND PNCS!!!!!!!!!!!! These are over, nothing new is there to add in them. After everything being added, these pages shall be l…

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Everybody thinks of making polls about the question "Who's your favourite character?" (It reveales automatically in the PNCs)... and I am thinking "Who is the most HATED character?". I just selected some characters whom I found to have a LOT of comments "I hate him/her". So I just thought of asking that whom do you hate MOST.

    Anyone wants the polls to be edited? Don't be shy, tell me! Did I forget something? Feel free to remind me!

    And I neither like nor hate ANY OF THEM. I like them all. :) Just that nobody could be my most favourite. Quinn is my favourite closer... Jojo ia also my favourite as a closer... but they will get the least grades from me as customers!

    This blog is nothing except my curiosity.

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  • Shaira the LittleCub

    Please don't write in that way! That's irritating and stressful! I have no complaint against people who make grammar mistakes, others can manage that but no grammar mistake and writing in that way makes people lose their interest in reading and also, nobody takes such people (who write in that way) seriously. I know there are some websites where people should write by capitalizing every first letter of words. But this is not such a website write normally here please!

    And I noticed that people who write in this way are also annoying with their writings in one way: The text becomes more clumsy with no punctuation marks! Please don't do that!

    Such writings also make me lol, especially on the chat.

    Now it's not that I am angry or something, don't…

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