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SkinnyLedgend SkinnyLedgend 6 November 2019

So I guess this is goodbye.

Hi guys, I'm really sad to say this. I forgot to post this yesterday and I really don't want to but I'm quitting fandom forever. I'm sorry but I've never got the time to find a day to be on here. I've lost literally all interest to the whole flipline community entirely and I just don't find it fun to play anymore (I even deleted Papa Louie Pals off my phone) I'm not going to delete my account, but there's really not anything to do on here anymore. Everyone is doing a great job at editing and other stuff and here's me, I can't buy these games and I usually miss out on the "editing events" and such just because I can't get a single $0.99 app game. I'll still probably be active on the discord sometimes, but until then, it's goodbye. I hope I'v…

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SkinnyLedgend SkinnyLedgend 12 October 2019

How my life is

Hi! I'm back for now. :) I Just started Fall Break so I'll be pretty active throughout the week. Also here are some life updates because why not lol.

-School is going well! I got a 3.778 (3.8) GPA!

-I ended my friendships with some toxic people and made new friends! They are amazing! :p

-I'm doing better in my classes more than last year.

-My family is going out to eat for my parent's anniversary this week! :)

Ok thats all hehe. Stay happy and cozy!

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SkinnyLedgend SkinnyLedgend 16 July 2019

KCP Customers Ratings!

Hi! So it's that time of the year again. KCP. where as everyone submits their customers hopefully to reach the top 32, and possibly go further, and win! Well, I'm going to rate your customers! (You can rate mine too lol) And you can also rate each other's as you like. :D 

(Mean comments/wars will result in an automatic comment deletion)

Bye guys! :)

-Kenny ❤️

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SkinnyLedgend SkinnyLedgend 4 July 2019

Star Customer of the Year!

Hello everyone! I just want to say that I have finally reached my goal of getting the Year Badge! Thatnk you guys so much for your support and all! And Yes, Unfortunately, I will be taking a break from the fandom for awhile. I'm gonna miss you all so much and I will never forget the good times we had here.

Love you guys and always always ALWAYS remember to stay strong! :)

-Your friend, SkinnyLedgend. ❤️

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SkinnyLedgend SkinnyLedgend 25 May 2019

Today’s my birthday.

So today’s my birthday. I’m very happy and excited to discover new things in my life. :) My family and I are going to do a small celebration with me for my special day. 🎁🎂 Love ya! ❤️

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