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    Gallery Clean-Ups

    May 1, 2020 by Skyline97

    Hey guys, if you've been checking the recent Wiki Activity page, you may have noticed that a lot of pictures from the customer's galleries are removed.

    Me, the other staff members and other users on Discord decided to implement this move for two reasons.

    1. Having a ton of pictures (especially for the older and popular customers) can slow down loading in the pages for some users.

    2. Many of the pics are deemed as having little purpose and are just random.

    Here's what the dos and don'ts of the galleries should look like based from a member of the Discord.

    • Perfect orders (one image per gameria)
    • Promotional images (Georgito - sushiria to go/the sakura bay picture in the promo website, etc)
    • Holiday pictures
    • Thumbs up pictures
    • PNC (Papa's Next Chefs) pi…

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  • Skyline97

    Hey guys, you might have noticed that the Papa's Sushiria To Go page is temporarily protected, and the reason for that is because some users (mainly wiki users on the wiki Discord) were able to add info from datamining the game. 

    Me and a few staff members on Discord don't want that kind of stuff here. Why? Because I've seen complaints from people on the Flipline Forum that it isn't fair if a page of a new customer got made immediately when the game hasn't even begun!

    Starting now, we're going to be giving out warnings and blocks if it becomes obvious a user is inserting info from datamining: making a new page of a customer and inserting new Style Hs when a game barely started for example. Also, watching videos from people who just hacked a …

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  • Skyline97

    Well it was a handful for me to fill in the rest of the missing order tickets for Pizzeria HD, but I finally uploaded the rest today! Though I hope other people can upload the order tickets for Hot Doggeria HD/To Go!, Taco Mia To Go!, and Scooperia versions, so that I don't do a lot of workload because I deleted Hot Doggeria HD since I got all gold customers, and I didn't know some customers didn't have their order tickets uploaded yet. So I'm determined to not make the same mistake again. Maybe I'll replay Hot Doggeria HD once I get the rest of the HD games in all gold customers.

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  • Skyline97

    BDJ told me to ask the community to see if I can merge Cajun Shrimp into the Shrimp page, so I figured the best way would be to make a blog here and ask everyone if it’s okay to merge cajun shrimp to the Shrimp page.

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  • Skyline97

    Papa's SteakHouseria would serve meets like Steaks, ribs, biskets, pork chops, lamb chops, etc. Note: I'm skipping order station since that station has been the same since the beginning.

    The meats would be seasoned on both sides, so you must spread seasonings that fills the majority of the sides on both areas. Points will be lost if you use the wrong seasonings, are sloppy, or you didn't spread it wide enough, so yeah I know it's similar to what you do with the sauces on pastas on Pastaria.

    Meats will then be grilled and they'll have 4 types: rare, medium-rare, medium, and well-done. You can buy boosters and alarms to make the grill station easier to manage.

    Alarm colors.

    • Rare:blue
    • Medium-rare:yellow
    • Medium:orange
    • Well-done:red

    The meats will then…

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