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  • I live in Bad Ice Cream World
  • My occupation is Ice Cream that creates Ice Paths
  • I am Impossible to tell
  • The Bad Ice Creams

    Papa's Cakeria

    February 14, 2013 by The Bad Ice Creams

    Chefs : Doan and Sue

    Intro : One day, Doan/Sue opened a cookie with a note saying "Congratultions, meet me at the mystery building at Oniontown, and he/she travelled to Oniontown and Papa Louie unfurls Papa's Cakeria and he/she wins a job there

    NOTE : This is a fanon blog post

    Temperatures :




    Frostings :




    Lemon-Lime (Day 2, unlocked with Cecilia)

    Green Apple (Rank 2, unlocked with Jordan [new customer])

    Grape (Rank 3, unlocked with Nevada [new customer])

    Cheese (Rank 4, unlocked with Sasha)

    Blueberry (Rank 5, unlocked with Ninjoy)

    Rainbow (Rank 7, unlocked with Mary)

    Cookie Dough (Rank 8, unlocked with Utah)

    Onion (Rank 10, unlocked with Sarge Fan!)

    Gold (Rank 12, unlocked with Georgito)

    Bacon (Rank 13, unlocked with…

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  • The Bad Ice Creams

    Papa's Pizzeria HD

    December 14, 2012 by The Bad Ice Creams

    Chefs : Roy/Custom Worker

    coming soon

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  • The Bad Ice Creams

    Customer Order

    December 1, 2012 by The Bad Ice Creams

    For your contributions for the next game, please arrange this customer order your way.

    I think, in the next game, that Kenji (who replaced Fitz), Xolo and Boomer stop being closers

    Customer Limit :

    7 closers

    Foodini & Papa Louie

    67 customers

    Copy this and paste this on a comment:

    1. 2 Chefs (random day customers) (cannot be someone that has already worked in a Papa's restaurant or Quinn or JoJo)

    2. In tutorial

    3. random day customer

    4. random day customer

    5. After tutorial

    6. random day customer

    7. time customer

    8. time customer

    9. time customer

    10. time customer

    11. time customer

    12. Day 2

    13. Rank 2

    14. Rank 3

    15. Rank 4

    16. Rank 5

    17. Rank 6

    18. Rank 7

    19. Rank 8

    20. Rank 9

    and so on until Foodini and Papa Louie (foodini and papa are always at the end)


    Closers …

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  • The Bad Ice Creams

    TV Shows

    November 8, 2012 by The Bad Ice Creams

    What TV shows do you like watching?

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  • The Bad Ice Creams


    November 8, 2012 by The Bad Ice Creams

    What music do you like

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