aka Abraham Woo

  • I live in Paju, South Korea
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Woo224

    A Burgerzilla invaded my kitchen! Fortunately it's just a recipe I made when the opportunity came to make homemade burgers. I made this as accurately as possible to the in-game baddie.

    This Burgerzilla is no match for the human appetite!

    I didn't notice until today (4/1/14) that my Burgerzilla was featured in the fan art roundup of March 26, 2014. I'm not a person that actively publishes my creations, so I would like to thank whoever showed this to Flipline Studios, whether it was by forum, Facebook, or maybe Matt and Tony visited this wiki...

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  • Woo224

    Flipline Favicon

    February 12, 2013 by Woo224

    So we've improved the background and the wordmark, but what about the favicon? Post images or ideas for a new Flipline Studios-related favicon. It has to be 16x16 pixels.

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  • Woo224

    Wiki policies petition

    February 3, 2013 by Woo224

    We should  list official Rules and policies for this wiki. List any proffessional-sounding rules in the comments.

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  • Woo224

    Admin discussions

    December 26, 2012 by Woo224

    As stellar, a wikia staff member, said, we should hold a discussion on why we want to become admins. So I'll post my reason, while others can comment why they want to become admins.

    The reason why I want to become and administrator is because this wiki has been in a messy state for far too long. Not only do I want to delete all the spam that littered this wiki, but I also want to improve the performance of this wiki, such as appearance. I want this wiki to step out of the basic wiki setup and make look decent. I know there are several wiki users on other wikias more professional than me, but I'm probably the most professional user on this wiki.  Have you seen other wikias that have excellent appearance, and most importantly, very useful inf…

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  • Woo224

    As the title says, here is a Flipline parody of the classical song. The order is mostly chronological to each game's release. Hope you like it!

    ♬On the [number] day of Christmas, Flipline (or just 'my true love') gave to me - ♬

    1. A pizza from Papa Louie (Papa's Pizzeria)
    2. Two Mimic Plushies (Remnants of Skystone)
    3. Three Colored Stones (Rock Garden Deluxe)
    4. Four Well-Done Burgers (Papa's Burgeria)
    5. Five Secret Treasures (Cactus McCoy)
    6. Six bot-tles of Milk (Steak and Jake)
    7. Seven Tasty Tacos (Papa's Taco Mia!)
    8. Eight Chocolate Sundaes (Papa's Freezeria)
    9. Nine Pecan Pancakes (Papa's Pancakeria)
    10. Ten Buff-a-lo Wings (Papa's Wingeria)
    11. Eleven Perfect Weapons (Jacksmith)
    12. Twelve Stadium Hot Dogs (Papa's Hot Doggeria)

    Merry Christmas!

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