Vanilla Heights
Vanilla Heights is the fourth area in Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! This is where you have to beat Luau LePunch, the first boss of the game.


  1. Rescue Papa Louie
  2. Rescue Lisa (Requires Glide)
  3. Rescue Johnny (Requires Dash)
  4. Find 5 Luau Coins (Requires Swim Boost)
  5. Defeat 10 SundaeSauruses (Requires Dash)
  6. Find 100 Coins (Requires Ground Pound)

Buildings in Vanilla Heights

  • Butterscotch Bakery
  • Spumoni Café
  • Maraschino Mart
  • Luau LePunch's Arena

Introduced Baddies

These are all the baddies who first get introduced to the player in Vanilla Heights.


  • There are posters hinting that you will battle Luau LePunch.