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[[Papa's Hot Doggeria]]
[[Papa's Hot Doggeria]]
|Row 7 title = }}'''Vicky '''is a platinum blond woman. She is the mother of [[Mindy]] according to Mindy's flipdeck.
|Row 7 title = }}'''Vicky likes PUSSY!!'''
She is one of three obese female character along with [[Olga]] and [ Bertha] the possible refferee.'' ''She is a hairstylist, as seen in Mindy's Flipdeck.''[[File:Vicky_(Taco_Mia).png|thumb]]''
She is unlocked 4th last in both Wingeria and Hotdoggeria
===Papa's Burgeria===
*bottom bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese, medium patty, cheese, mayo, lettuce, top bun
===Papa's Taco Mia!===
soft, beef,sour cream, pinto beans, onion, lettuce.
===Papa's Freezeria===
medium sherbet sundae with pineapple, smooth blend, whipped cream, blueberry sauce, tropical charms, a cherry on the left, a banana in the middle and another banana on the left
===Papa's Pancakeria===
3 pancakes with blueberry mix, strawberries, bananas and blueberry syrup. Drink: Tea in large cup with sugar
===Papa's Wingeria===
4 Parmesan Wings, 2 Calypso Boneless Wings on the left half, 4 red peppers on the left half, 4 cheese cubes on the right, mango chili dip, ranch dip and mango chili dip again.
===Papa's Hot Doggeria===
pumpernickel bun,cheddarwurst, onions, salsa, wild onion sauce, ketchup, bacon, medium Purple Burple, medium Cotton Puffs.                                  [[File:Mindyandvicky.PNG|thumb|Vicky with Her Daughter]]
File:18.jpg|Vicky's thumb pic
File:Angryvicky.jpg|Vicky is not pleased.
[[Category:Obese Characters]]
[[Category:Obese Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]
[[Category:Female Characters]]

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Vicky likes PUSSY!!

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