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Whiskview Mall is the location for the Papa Louie restaurant time-management game, Papa's Bakeria/To Go!. [1]

On April 1, 2020, it was revealed that the mall was temporarily closed for the unforseeable future. Despite this, Papa's Bakeria remained open and implemented a variety of precautionary measures. [2]

From the Flipline Studios Blog

Hey Everyone!!!

Today marks the first official post in a long line of sneak peeks for Papa’s next big restaurant!

This next Gameria will take place deep within the towering walls of Whiskview Mall!

While we’re at it, let's answer some soon-to-be questions:

  • YES… there will be seasons even though this takes place inside.
  • NOPE… this is not any sort of multi-restaurant, food-court Mega-Gameria.
  • NOPE… we don’t have a launch date.
  • YES… this will add some really cool new additions to the series!

With those questions out of the way, here is a pic of the front entrance to Whiskview Mall! Check back next week for more info! [3]

Permanent Shops

Before the day begins, customers can be seen walking with shopping bags of unseen stores:

  • Vita-Mad SuppleMax
  • Shoe-Fly Co.
  • Sport Buddies
  • Surf Shack

Holiday Shops (Adjacent to Papa's Bakeria/To Go!)

Whiskview Mall During Holidays